Surveying and Mapping Act 2013

In a recent GIS Working Group meeting in Lahore, it has been shared by Major (Retd.) Nadeem Ahmad Ch. Director, Survey of Pakistan that the bill has been approved by Standing Committee on Defence of National Assembly but due to paucity of time the bill could not be presented in National Assembly for passing. However, now the same has been initiated in shape Presidential Ordinance which is in process of approval by federal government. The copy of Surveying and Mapping 2013 is posted on the website of National Assembly which can be downloaded.

2 thoughts on “Surveying and Mapping Act 2013

  1. I highly appreciate the role of Pakistan GIS in the impartation of
    up to date knowledge of geomatics among experts and citizens.It is the need of the day that we should aware about the vast utilisation of GNSS i.e GPS and to achieve those global standards and achievemants, the need for a international system of geographic coordinates is very essential.Continuous operating control systerms and those stations, maintained by the international GNSS agencies should be established.I am very to say that a Patwari is dealing with the records of estates and farms in the presence of land surveryors and GIS experts and manipulating whatever he wants.We
    should be in a modern and tolerate Pakistan.

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