Understanding Geographic Information Systems (4th Training Course)

PakistanGIS is offering GIS training courses for beginners interested in learning concepts and applications of GIS in different spheres of life. “Understanding Geographic Information Systems” is an introductory training being organized for students and professionals who stand at primary level in the field of GIS and want to enhance their learning about the subject.

This course is a perfect mix of theoretical and practical sessions particularly designed for people who are looking for their capacity enhancement in evening time in Islamabad.

Contact Details: pakgis@citypulse.com.pk
0333 461 490 5
Office 1&2, First Floor, G15 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan 
Dates and Timings:
10-14 December 2012
06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Registration Fee:
Rs. 7000 PKR
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At the end of training you will be having knowledge about:

  1. Basic concepts and applications of GIS
  2. Components and functions of GIS
  3. Vector and Raster Data sets
  4. What are different softwares commonly used in the field of GIS?
  5. How to install ArcGIS?
  6. Getting started with ArcGIS, ArcCataloge, ArcMap and ArcToolbox
  7. How to prepare map using existing GIS data?
  8. How to create your own GIS data?
  9. Preparing print ready map layouts and maps printing

4 thoughts on “Understanding Geographic Information Systems (4th Training Course)

  1. Asallamu Alaikum,

    I am a university student in the States and am working on gathering GIS data of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and/or any other natural disasters that have occurred in the Sindh province of Pakistan in 2013. Do you have any website that I can visit to find this data and make a map from it on ArcGIS?


  2. Dear All
    I am graduate Engineer in Architecture and working in the GIS Department in one of the Govt sector of UAE. I have done certain courses in GIS and have 5 years experience in GIS software like ArcGIS. Now I am interested to get online degree/Diploma in GIS from any institute in Pakistan. Please if someone know about the online diploma/degree in GIS I will be thankful for any information’s,.

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