University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

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Askar Gardezi, Tayyabah Ahmad, Ansar Inayat, Samavia Khalid, Masooma Ikram, Ihsan Nawaz, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Umair, Hassan Ali, Hamid Arshad, Ijaz Iqbal, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Bilal

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4 thoughts on “University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

  1. CRP-1480…. hmmm It must be Respectful Sara Keshmiri…. Hope you are going best Khanum. Welcome to Pakistan and this blog from CRPians of your session

  2. Dear, It has been related to collection, structuring, dissemination and development of Geo-data..
    If you want to know more specifically about a particular data set, please leave a detailed email.

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