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WHO ARE WE Why Does City Pulse Exist? City Pulse (Pvt.) Limited is a multi-disciplinary consulting company focused on sustainability since 2010. We are a purpose led company where the team is both experienced and innovative in their approach and is backed up by modern and state of the art technologies. We believe in applying technology for attaining sustainable solution in the most cost effective way.
Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable
Focusing on Future Urbanization in Asia 80% of future urbanization is going to happen in Asia and Africa (UN). We are aiming to make those future areas sustainable, vibrant and equitable.
Addressing Urban Planning Challenges in Pakistan There are 624 urban areas in Pakistan, out of which 80% of Pakistan cities are growing without a plan. We are aiming to collaborate and lead initiatives to make plans for these areas.
Company Culture Beyond the Skyline: A Look at City Pulse's Guiding Principles
Our Mission Our mission is to innovate, incubate, and implement ideas for the improved functionality of human settlements, promoting a sustainable future.
Our Vision Envisioning equitable, vibrant, and sustainable habitats for every human
Core Values Our company culture is nurtured by the following core values:
  • Innovation and Research driven
  • Collaborative and transparent
  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance
  • Inclusivity, Empowerment & Gender Equity
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Fun, Enjoyment and Respect
Message from the CEO
As we look ahead, the trajectory of urbanization is clear: within less than 25 years, over half of the global population will call urban areas home. This shift presents both immense challenges and incredible opportunities. In Pakistan, where we operate, these challenges are particularly pronounced. We will be 50% urbanised in less than 10 years. Our Governments, communities, and stakeholders are seeking catalysts for positive change amidst rapid urban growth. City Pulse is a mission driven organization where we aim to work on all diverse dimensions of sustainable urban living. Our goal is clear: to create vibrant, equitable, and sustainable habitats for every individual. Together, let's continue to innovate, collaborate, and lead the way towards a brighter sustainable future for everyone.
Dr. Khydija Wakil 2024
Credibility and Trust Committed to Credibility: Legal Existence, Compliance, and Quality Standards.
SECP Incorporation with SECP as Private Limited Company Since 2011
SOP Registration with Survey of Pakistan Since 2016
PCATP Registration with Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners since 2015
PRA Registration with Punjab Revenue Authority
FBR Registration as Tax Payer in Federal Board of Revenue
GoP Enrollment in Planning and Development Department, GoP as Consultant
ICA Annual audited accounts by Chartered Accountants
Punjab Government Enrollment in Planning and Development Department, GoP as Consultant
Our Voluntary Initiatives Open Source, Shared Wisdom: Empowering Communities Through Our Commitment
Pakistan GIS Estalished since 2010; PakistanGIS is an open-source platform dedicated to sharing geospatial data and maps of Pakistan. It provides a repository for GIS and RS (Remote Sensing) data that can be freely accessed and used. The platform also includes a variety of vector datasets in ESRI Shapefile format, which cover administrative boundaries, natural features, places, points of interest, railways, roads, and waterways of Pakistan.
Pakistan Urban Portal It's a repository of Data and documents about Urban Pakistan. Pakistan Urban Portal (PUP) was initiated based on the data compiled during PhD study of Plnr. Qadeer. This portal presents the key City Insights and urban planning documents such as master plans, Outline development plans and other governing documents.
Women in Urban Planning City Pulse strives for equitable, vibrant, and sustainable habitats for every human. Women are the most important stakeholders to our mission. In countries like Pakistan, women's contributions are mostly un-noticed, and are not duly acknowledged. This initiative is an Acknowledgment Series highlighting the contributions of Women Urban Planners.
Urban Farming Our food bucket is shrinking, and the future generation is increasingly going away from cultivation skills. We are aiming to bring ideas back to life where citizen may learn to grow their own food. This initiative is about Urban Farming for Sustainable Habitats in the era of Climate Change.
Innovation and Research Guided by research and driven by innovations to solve the real life problems
Planning Support Systems City Pulse offers tools and resources to help cities with the planning process. This could involve data analysis, modeling future growth, and creating efficient infrastructure plans.
Urban Digital Twins City Pulse creates digital replicas of cities, combining virtual simulations with real-world data. This allows for testing development projects, optimizing traffic flow, and visualizing potential outcomes before any physical changes are made.
Urban Visual Pollution City Pulse provides a solution for managing visual clutter in cities. This might involve tools for identifying excessive signage, creating regulations for harmonious aesthetics, and promoting initiatives for a more visually pleasing urban environment.
Our Spectrum of Services Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.
Habitat Planning for Rural, Urban and Regional scale Our strong team of urban and regional planners is specialized in habitat planning at multiple spatial scales from neighborhood to city and regional level.
Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing & CAD In this domain, we provide our services in three key areas; Remote sensing, GIS Mapping and Land surveying.
Socio-economic Studies, Field Surveys, Data Processing and Analysis We have demonstrated expertise in the domain of fit for purpose sampling design, survey instruments development, large scale enumerators training, field survey executions in urban and rural areas, near real time data collections via technology and data analysis and data insights.
Digital Transformation We specialize in guiding businesses through the intricate process of digital transformation.
Agri-informatics, crop field mapping Powered by our state-of-the-art expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS), our company excels in delivering comprehensive services in agri-informatics and field boundary mapping.
Environmental Solutions We offer services in the domain of EIA, IEE and TIA along with SIA for multiscreen development projects.
Water Solutions We provide services related to the design of water supply, sewerage and drainage systems, design of water recycling and filtration systems and WASH studies.
Capacity Building and Trainings We have expertise in conducting training need assessments, design of training materials and conducting online and physical training to participants of varied skills from farming communities to professionals in administration.
Introduce yourself to Our Team of Experts
Dr. Khydija Wakil CEO
Rab Nawaz Manager Habitat Planning
Uzma Rabab Manager Digital Innovations
Syeda Iffat Zehra Senior Urban Planner
Anam Naz Awan Urban Planner
Muhammad Sudais GIS Officer
Muhammad Umair Operations Officer
Dr. Arif Hussain Transport Planner
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What Do Our Partners Say?
"Innovative, Urban Planning" City Pulse's innovative approach to urban planning is refreshing.
Aisha Khan Architect
"Deep Understanding, Urban Challenges" City Pulse's deep understanding of urban challenges is impressive.
Dr. Shahbaz Ahmed Urban Geographer
"Revitalization Plan, Downtown Area" City Pulse transformed our downtown area with their revitalization plan.
Ms. Nadia Ali Business Owner
"Open Forums, Community Engagement" City Pulse held open forums to hear our concerns about the new park project.
Mr. Kamal Rao Resident
"Green Infrastructure, Sustainability" City Pulse is a leader in promoting green infrastructure.
Sarah Jones Environmental Planner
"Traffic Management, Expertise" City Pulse's expertise in traffic management is invaluable.
Ali Hassan Civil Engineer
"Public Policy, Successful Urban Planning" City Pulse's understanding of public policy is essential for successful urban planning.
Ms. Kiran Malik Public Policy Analyst
"Historical Preservation, Future Planning" City Pulse prioritizes historical preservation while planning for the future.
Mr. Jabbar Khan Historian
"Social Impact, Inclusivity" City Pulse considers the social impact of their projects.
Ms. Ayesha Siddiqui Social Worker
"High Standard, Worldwide" City Pulse sets a high standard for urban planning firms worldwide.
David Williams International Consultant
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