District Boundaries of Pakistan

“The Districts of Pakistan are the second order administrative divisions of Pakistan. Districts were the third order of administrative divisions, below provinces and “divisions“, until the reforms of August 2000, when “divisions” were abolished. Districts now form the top tier of a three-tier system of local government with the two lower tiers composed of approximately 400 tehsils and more than six thousand union councils.
Prior to 2001, there were 106 districts but with the reorganisation, these were reduced to 102 by the merger of the five districts of Karachi Central, Karachi East, Karachi South, Karachi West and Malir to form Karachi District. The five districts had formed the division of Karachi which was abolished. The number of districts rose to 106 again in December 2004, when four new districts were created in the province of Sindh of which one (Umerkot) had existed until 2000 and three districts (Kashmore, Qambar and Jamshoro) were newly created.
In May 2005, the Punjab provincial government created a new district[2] by raising the status of Nankana Sahib from a tehsil of Sheikhpura District to a district in its own right.
In Azad Kashmir, the second tier of government is formed by two administrative divisions (Muzaffarabad) & (Mirpur) with a third tier of eight districts. In the Northern Areas, there are six districts divided between two regions of Gilgit and Baltistan; Baltistan being the part of Ladakh in Pakistani control.” Source: Wikipedia
An overview of data is given in table below:

Number of districts
Balochistan Province
North-West Frontier Province 24
Punjab Province 36
Sindh Province 23
Islamabad Capital Territory 1
Federally Administered Tribal Areas 7 tribal agencies plus 6 frontier regions
Azad Kashmir 8
Northern Areas 6
Pakistan 128 districts plus 7 tribal agencies

Snapshot of Dataset; District Boundaries of Pakistan
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  1. Hi there,
    I have read your post about the POIs in northern areas.

    Actually I am planning to develop a complete map of Pakistan and then put
    it in a navigation software, nor certainly Garmin but different software.
    could you please tell what other data do you have and what sort of help can
    you provide?

    you doing it on your own interest or you work for a kind of organization?

    thanks in advance for your support!!
    you can reply back to my email id


    friendly regards,

  2. Asalam o alikum

    Dear brother, we do it for our interest just as a hobby. collection GIS data about Pakistan is our craze and serving it freely for professionals and students in Pakistan is our wish. we keep on searching and collecting various datasets from any source and put it for others.
    it will be our pleasure to support you by any mean, but we would like to confirm that you are doing it for the welfare of general public and specially for Pakistan.

    Please if you can explain your nature of work further and justify why you have plan to generate an new sort of map when already we are working on forums like PKMaps and how it will be usefull for Pakistani people, we are all with you and all above things are yours.

  3. Alsalam Allaikum, Eid Mubarak (belated)

    I am working on an in-house map (web-based) which will help people Navigate from the website, print their trip plannings and so on, it will be for everybody free of charge,anyone can use it whoever got a PC and internet connection.

    Now I personally request you if you can help me provide some administrative boundaries?
    if you further want to investigate then do let me know I can personally visit or call you over the phone.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Yes, you are right, I am doing something like Naqsha.net but to be very frank I have better plans for future, I better share it with you.

    This site can be used to target restaurants/Hotels/hospitals in the cities, they will advertise their locations on the map, also a link on their website will be given "Reach us by map", so people can reach them using our navigable map, the money generated will be given to Charity organizations, Orphanage centers etc.. but this is in the later stage, once I completely develop this solution then I will give you the source codes for the website so you can also maintain it.

    The only thing at the moment I require is the following, I have already prepared Roadnetwork files from different Sources, mainly digitalized it myself with the help of my students back in my hometown (Buner) from Google earth.

    National and Provincial Boundaries of Pakistan
    District Boundaries of Pakistan
    Tehsil Boundaries of Pakistan

    I will merge them into one single file and if required by you I can also forward it to you. I assure you that this is only for personal use and will not be given to any 3rd person.

    please let me know when I can have those files so I can allocate myself and work on it, I will be away starting next week as I need to attend some conferences in Dubai.

    thanks and regards,

  5. Dear Ms Khydija and Mr Qadeer,

    Let me begin by congratulating you on the tremendous effort that you both have put into this blog. Indeed it is an excellent effort on raising GIS awareness in the academic community of Pakistan.

    As a part of my doctoral thesis which applies spatial econometric analysis to Pakistan, I require shape files to illustrate my results on a map. In order to use ArcGIS or Geoda for my work, i require Pakistan's provincial and district level shape files. Can you kindly guide me on how i can obtain (or if it can be provided by you) a district and provincial .shp file?

    Thank you very much,




  6. Dear Ahmed!
    Thanks for your comments. We can surely share with you for what you have asked. But let me tell you on thing that we have developed this blog for academic purposes and for the true interest of Pakistan. For this, we have set rule that anybody who requires anything from this blog, he/she should send us their proposals.SO that we can come to know about the real use of our inputs. And we also expect some output out of it which we can share on our blog at the end of project for public interst.
    We will sahre with you all your required data in desired formats on ur personal ID.
    Good Luck.
    Muhammad Qadeer and Khydija Wakil

  7. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am quite new to the GIS field myself and I only plan to complement its use in my thesis. As a first step i have calculated the spatial distribution of income inequality in Pakistan in the year 2005-06 and i wish to present my results graphically as well.I hope your guidance will make it easier for me to complement my econometric analysis with some GIS representation. I assure you that I will be very happy to share my results on your website. Looking forward to the files and I shall definitely keep you informed on how I use the maps.



  8. Dear Ahmad,
    kindly use the Data Request Form (link is available above) for your ease to send us a brief of your research and utilization of our data.

    We will share the datasets in appropriate format after recieving the request.

    Kindly feel free to ask us if you need any support regarding softwars or their use as well.

  9. Dear Ahmad,
    We have got your data request along with the purpose of your research. Your data is in your inbox now.
    If you could send us your data in excel file we can help you how you can attach that to the shape file.
    What we have understood from your discussions, you need to have a unique identifier for each district in your data table, ex 001 for lahore, 002 for Gujranwal and so on.
    The same identifier will be added to shapefile and then on the basis of this field your research data can be added to GIS and shown on map.
    for this, your research data should be arranged in excel or access so that each row represent one record containing information about one district. so your number of records/rows will be equal to the number of districts in Pakistan.

    Good Luck

  10. Dear Admin

    I'm sorry but i still have'nt received anything from your end in my inbox, can you kindly re try on my e-mail: ahmed.2ch@gmail.com. Once you send me the .shp file i can send you my data on that e-mail address.

    Thank you very much.


  11. Hi…
    I downloaded the District Boundaries of Pakistan….But if u see, some part of the District Rahim yar Khan is appearing in Sindh province…..
    Can u please upload it after making the corrections ….


  12. Dear Khydija Wakeel and Muhammad Qadeer , AOA
    I have submitted my request form for the Tehsil level shape files. Could you please send me the requested data?
    Many thanks

  13. Hello Khadija

    I was a student in Sir Syed University Karachi. Just passed out 2010. I am very moved by this technology. I have moved back to Khanewal. As i am seeing that no one has updated maps of Khanewal. Please provide me maps in ESRI format in Thesil level. District khnewal has 4 Tehsil Khanewal tehsil, kabeerwala, mian chunnu, Jahania. me and my friend wanted to do do something for our city for our country. Please guide us.

    If you could guide us we can make streets, road and everything.




  14. i have requested 4 to five times for the shape file but donthave any response
    can any one have got the any material from that blog

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  16. assalamualaikum sir ….i m working an assignment about “the use of GIS and Remote sensing in risk managment…….and the area of our project is attabad lake hunza gilgit …..can you provide me shape files of settlement , roads, water, hospitals, schools or anythings ….? amjad ali

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