GIS Map of Lahore (ESRI format)

PKMAPS is a small community of mapping enthusiasts (all over the world) choosing to map Pakistan and share data for free on the internet. They develop maps for GPS or navigators for providing aid in navigation across the Pakistan.

Here, we are using their gps maps to prepare ESRI format shape files, that can be used in GIS software like ArcGIS and Arcview for various analysis and applications for urban planning. Hence expanding the area of application for those maps.

We are presenting a map of Lahore city containing line, point and polygonal features. Coverage and Road hierarchy is visible even from the picture below.image












Points Shape File:

About 1082 places of interest are identified and categories as Hospitals, banks, graveyards, libraries, parks, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, stadiums, amusement centers, landmarks and swimming areas etc.

Lines Shape File:

This layer includes 8418 line features which represent arterial roads, collector roads, residential streets, major highways, alleys, railway routes, airport runways, and water streams. 643 features are identified with their names as well.

Polygones Shape File:

This map layer carries 754 polygones showing city parks, lakes, orchards or plantations, housing schemes or institution boundaries and other polygonal features.Location names are updated for 690 features.

Screen shot below shows a zoom in view where all points, lines and polygonal features can be seen with the level of detail. image










                            .::Special thanks to PKMAPS, smkhan and Faisal::.

47 thoughts on “GIS Map of Lahore (ESRI format)

  1. Thanks Jawad Hameed for your interest,
    We are trying to provide the download links for maximum data available here. But for specialized products like this which cost millions in open market, we need know the application of data before providing that. If you want to have it for your educational or academic purpose or any kind of knowledge development, please write us a detailed e-mail describing the utilization of this data. Resultantly we will send you the required dataset as soon as possible after our satisfaction.
    Best Regards

  2. Asalam o alikum,

    We are recieving complaints from some students that they are failed to post comments on this page. For their information, the process is to select a relevant profile from the drop down menu below….. If you don't have gmail or opoenID etc account, you may select "Anonymous", available at the bottom of the list.

    Write your comment here and Press Post Comment button below. Please also mention your name and email address so that we can contact you back.

    Muhammad Qadeer and Khydija Wakeel

  3. Assalam O Alaikum!
    I am doing BS (Hons) in space science, form Department of Space Science, Punjab University.
    Now i am in 7th semester and as per university requirement i have to write a research report, i got my research report in GIS and my topic of research is "Applying GIS Technology to Improve Transit Accessibility in Lahore City", for my research work i need digitized map of Lahore city, can you provide me a digitized map of Lahore, if you people need any approval of my research work i can show you an approval letter from my department on your demand. I am waiting for your reply.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  4. Wa alikum salam Waqar Aziz!!

    Welcome to PakGIS. Its our extreme pleasure to serve students and academic exercises which will benefit Pakistan one way or other. Your topic is quite interesting and I know some other students working on similar things in CRP deptt of UET, Lahore as well. They are using that map for Network Analyst in ArcGIS to develop some model for shortest routes finding etc.

    We, The City Pulse team, is comfortable in establishing partnership with you. If you share your working methodology with us, we may suggest you some improvements and send you further links of other students and organization performing similar jobs,which may lead to improvements in your research.

    We will send you the download link for the map within a week time at your personal address.

    We will be glad if you kindly share the final product of your research at this forum so that a value added product can be made available for next users.

    Please do your research with extremes of your will, and complete it well with some workable product, with a thinking that it could benefit Pakistan and Pakistani people in some way.

    Good Luck and Jazak Allah

  5. Asalmualikum:
    Sir I am Umair bin Saad a student of CRP, UET lahore under the registration number 2007-CRP-26, i am along with my group is doing project which i have send you my Project Proposal on your gmail account. In this project i need the digitized roads of Lahore city if you will provide me with these digitized roads i shall very gratefull to you and after the completion of project i will send it to you.
    Thankyou Sir..

  6. Dear Umair, Thanks for sending us your project proposal, we have got that and now we are having a bird's eye view of that. and will inform you about the progress soon..

    Khuda Hafiz

  7. Thanks, Khydija for showing your interest in my project. As concerned the methodology of my project, it is in progress, i will share the methodology as soon as possible probably till coming Monday.
    Further as you mentioned, the participation of "The City Pulse team" in my project, i will be thankful to you.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  8. Assalam O Alaikum.. Khydija!

    Last time i mail you about my project, and you told me that you will send me a link of Shape file of Digitized map of Lahore City. I am waiting for your reply. I have to start my research work. Kindly inform me when you will send me the link.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  9. Wa alikum salam,

    Dear Waqar we are failed to recieve any thing about your project except the "Title". We will be highly grateful if you please send us SOMETHING about your methodology indicating how you will be using this dataset, or atleast mentioning how this data will lead to the development of some more refined product. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by asking you again but its our established rule for this blog.
    We hope you will also share the expected duration during which you will share the final product at this forum.
    Hope to recieve the mentioned items as soon as possible from your side so that we can send the link immediatly and your project may go smoothly.
    Wishing you best of luck
    Remember us in prayers

  10. Dear Umair,

    We have sent you the download link for the above dataset at your mailing ID after reading your research methodology.
    Good Luck for your research

  11. Dear Faisal, Welcome here. Kindly read the discussion in comments above. You will get answer to your question.
    Good Luck

  12. AOA sir i am Amna Arshad of 07-crp.Me and my group members are curruntly working on the project of marking major hospitals in 9 towns of Lahore so we need the administrative boundries of Lahore city in GIS format. kindly send me the boundries of Lahore in Gis format

  13. Assalam O Alaikum!

    My name is Mirza Muhammad Waqar, I m doing my BS (Hons) in Space Science form University of The Punjab. I m doing my project in GIS and the topic of our project is "Applying GIS Technologies to improve the Transportation Accessibility in Lahore City". I discussed my topic with you already. I want the district boundries of Lahore. As my study area is Lahore. I want to take the satellite image of Lahore form GOOGLE EARTH with hight resolusion in pieces then i will make mosics of these images by georeferencing these pieces. If you have any other solusion then inform me. I will be very thankful to you.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  14. Assalam O Alaikum Dear Khydija,

    My name is Haroon and I have recently done masters in GIS from University of Punjab. Currently, working on the final study project with other group members. The goal of the project is to design a GIS based SWM application to help municipal government in the removal of solid waste efficiently from the disposal sites. This project will deal how Geographical Information System can be used as a tool for planning solid waste management (SWM). A model will be designed for the selected area of Lahore city. This model will reduce the workload to very extent and exhibit remedies for some of the most important SWM problems present in existing system. Furthermore, this GIS based application will support e-government approach and will provide up-to-date solid waste management information. For the completion of this project, we need detailed digitized data of a town of Lahore for roads, parcels and community centers etc. Please if you could provide us with the data in shape files, we shall be very thankful to you. Looking forward to your response,

    Haroon Rafique

  15. Dear Haroon Rafique!
    We have road network of lahore and general areas which is not detailed parcel mapping. We can extend our help for what we have at the moment. We will share our download link at your personal email ID as you shared with your project proposalwith us.
    Good luck for your research.

  16. Dear Khydija,

    Thank you for your response. Could you please provide me with your email address so that i can send you our project proposal. Looking forward to your reply,

    Haroon Rafique

  17. Dear Waqar, we have got your request for data but following things needs clarification:

    1. Do you need only the boundaries of lahore city? it will be a polygone. but in our opinion, for tranportation studies you might be needing the road map rather than just a polygone of boundaries of lahore

    2. as far as IKONOS or other satellite images of lahore is concerned you may use the tool "Google Earth Cache Tiles Extractor" which helps you to get the image from google earth. Software and its user manual is availabel at

    3. You have said that you will return the value added product in July 2009 which has already passed. 🙂

    Good luck for Your research. Thanks

  18. Dear Haroon, thanks for a detailed mail. You data is in your mailbox. Hope it will benefit you.
    Good Luck for your Research

  19. First of all, I am very sorry, I write 30 July 2009 by mistake. I will return the value added product till 30 July 2010. Again I am Sorry. As concerned the road network of Lahore. If you can send me the road network of Lahore, I will be very thankful to you. Kindly send me the road network of Lahore.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  20. Assalam O Alaikum!

    Dear Khydija:

    In your last mail, you suggest me a software "Google Earth Cache Tiles Extractor" for taking images from Google Earth. I see this software at the link that you send me and found this software very helpful for me but i unable to download this software at that link. Can you send me a link from where i can download this software. I will be very thankful to you.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  21. Assalam O Alaikum!

    My name is Mirza Muhammad Waqar, I am doing my BS (Hons) in Space Science form University of The Punjab. I am doing my project in GIS and the topic of our project is "Applying GIS Technologies to improve the Transportation Accessibility in Lahore City". I discussed my topic with you already. I need a tool or extension of arcgis through with i can add Google Maps as a separate layer in arcgis. Do you have any tool or extension through which i can add Google Maps in arcgis.

    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  22. Wa alikum salam Waqar,

    Nice to see you again, hope you are doing great at your research we are waiting 30 July to see your great work.

    We hav'nt come through any extension to add google maps as layer but have seen tools to synchoronize ArcGIS and Google Earth. with that you can pan/zoom in arcgis and google earth does so automatically at the same area where you are in GIS and vice versa.
    However, at ESRI download center there are map documents available which give you this facility to view raster layers from their server and have them in your project as a layer.

    For more details have a look at

    Another payed extension for this purpose to get Google maps in arcgis is available here as well:

    Good Luck

  23. Dear Malik, your research seems really interesting. According to the rules of this plateform, we entertain only those requests which are recieved using Data Request Form available on header…


  25. Assalam o Alaikum!
    Brother (Qadir), hope you are doing great; i got a term project titled, "Temporal land cover & land use Change detection of Islamabad city using Remote Sensing & GIS", for this i use high resolusion temporal data.. Do you have any high resolusion temporal data of islamabad city.
    Mirza Muhammad Waqar

  26. salaam
    Dear Khydija

    My name is MADIHA and i am working with my group members on"optimize distribution of electricity in grid stations of Lahore".we need digitized map of Lahore and also digitized map of grid stations of Lahore(if u have).The research methodology is to perform hot spot analysis and generation of heat map.By performing analysis we can easily identify grid stations in Lahore which has shortage of electricity.please provide link to download shape file or email me at
    i will be greatly thankful to you.i am waiting for your reply.

  27. Dear Khadija wakeel, Dear u r doing a great job.
    This is Adeela and i m a GIS Specialist.
    i want to talk you in detail regarding this work ur doing. is it possible??
    kindly email me your contact nummber @ my Email id ( ) i hope my request will be entertained.

  28. Dear Qadeer bahi,A.O.A,my name is waseem irfan from rawailpindi,i have worked in GIS field in the KSA,I have four years experience in this field.I can create the polygons and convert the victor file in to esri file,I can make TIN and DTM with help of cells,I can also create FLY THROUGH with the help of Arc GIS.I did only metric,i mean my education is only metric.if you any interest with me,plz contact me on this no,03475285345.i need a job too.

  29. It will be batter for you if you do some diploma in GIS from some recognized university or institute… Otherwise contact with Survey of Pakistan they mostly hire digitizer for topographic sheet preparation…

  30. aoa!
    i highly appreciate ur effort! this is a really good information source.
    i m new to gis. what i m concerned about is the use of GIS technology other than mapping. i want to find out research areas related to GIS and those in which GIS can be helpful, particularly in the Lahore city! ur help will be highly appreciated! thanx!


  31. I am research student(MS Ldg to PhD) at NUST Islamabad.I am working on Earthquake risk Assessment for KPK Province.I need digitized map of KPK Provicne(shape file) at UC level . I will acknowledge the input from forum/person in my email address is

  32. A.o.a Sir!

    I’m student of environmental science, (GC University, Lahore) and currently working on thesis of Final year, titled ” An integrated GIS based multi criteria evaluation of Fresh water aquaculture in Lahore district”. I need digitize map of Lahore district or shape flies of administrative boundaries of Lahore and land cover/ land use. Your help will be highly acknowledge. waiting for your kind response.

  33. Respected dear,

    i am a student of M.Phil in Environmental sciences at Lahore School of Economics. Currently i am working on my research project which is “Incorporating GIS to Improve Solid waste Management planning”.

    i am using a conceptual model to identify possible improvements. one major part of research is the geographical location of waste bins placed in the study area which with help of GPS device. Now i need digitized map of study area as my study area include aziz bhatti town. My requirement is map should inculde all the buildings, roads and every feature as to show the location of waste bins it necessary to point that a waste bin is place with what kind of building and what kind waste is expected.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Usman Ashraf

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