Road Network and Settlements of Pakistan

Here is the Major Road Network of whole Pakistan along with the location of 69211 populated places. This dataset is prepared from a routable GPS map prepared by Ben and converted into ESRI shape files for ArcGIS users.

Original source in polish map format is available at THIS LINK at MapCentre2.
Below are some glimpses of the coverage of dataset.
image image
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9 thoughts on “Road Network and Settlements of Pakistan

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I would be delighted to gain access to the road network shapefiles. I work as an independent agricultural consultant in Afghanistan and I am looking some of the border regions. The aim of the project is to stabilize areas through enhancing farmer's income connected with Pakistani trade routes.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Dear Laurence,

    Thanks for your interest and we appreciate your work for Afghanistan.
    Through this forum, we mainly try to server Pakistani community of students, researchers and those who are working for the betterment of Pakistan in one way or the other.
    Since you are working in Afghanistan, we have to deal it as a special case. We have no issue of sending you this dataset if you kindly explain your work a little more. We will be thankful if you please explain how you will use this dataset in your project and what will be the expected benefits to you so that we can satisfy our objective of serving humanity as well.


  3. Dear researchers,

    Thanks for offering such useful datasets to other researchers. Please let me know how I can access to this data set for academic research purposes. I have filled a request form a couple of months ago, yet have not heard from you yet.

  4. Dear Administrator
    Hoping you be in good health. I am a Pakistani student doing PhD in China. My PhD research is on the optimization of complex networks with focus on logistics carried on through roads, railways and airports. I have been looking for a detailed map of the roadways and railways of Pakistan. If you could please provide these maps, it will help me alot. Further if possible that is, can these marking and roads be labelled? Thanks

  5. i am working on GIS project of Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA). I need to access your compiled road database to trace the education & Health facilities installed by ERRA and its Donner agencies like UN, UNDP, DIFD USAID and JICS in Kashimer & KPK’s Earthquake effected area.

    • As per your request Sir I have some maps related to your project but only for AJ&K. My thesis was basically in GIS and title was Landslide Hazard, Vulnerability & Risk Map of Muzaffarabad City. Our study area was basically Muzaffarabad City for which we compile alot of data & maps for our project. you can contact me via email.

  6. As per your request I have different maps for Azad Jammu & Kashmir . I have done my thesis in GIS and title was Landslide Hazard, Vulnerability & Risk Map of Muzaffarabad City. As our study area was basically Muzaffarabad and for that we compiled alot of data and Maps. For detail you can contact me via email i.e
    Raja Shahraiz

  7. Hello,

    I’m at masters student at an American University working on her GIS final project which involves looking at the flood extent and those affected. The settlement data will help me further analyze the extent of those affected.

    Kind Regards,

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