Tehsil Boundaries of Pakistan

Here we present the Tehsil Boundaries Dataset which is third level administration boundaries in Pakistan.
A summary of data is given below in the table:

Subdivision Name Tehsils
Balochistan 62
Disputed Area 10
F.A.N.A 13
F.A.T.A. 48
Islamabad 1
N.W.F.P. 44
P.A.K. 18
Punjab 119
Sindh 89
Total 404

Snapshot of Dataset; Tehsil Boundaries of Pakistan
                                           .::Click HERE to request for this data set::.

18 thoughts on “Tehsil Boundaries of Pakistan

  1. We are trying to provide the download links for maximum data available at this site. But for specialized products like this which cost millions in open market, we need to know the application of dataset before providing that. If you want to have it for your educational or academic purpose or any kind of knowledge development, please write us a detailed e-mail describing the utilization of this data. Resultantly we will send you the required dataset as soon as possible after our satisfaction.

  2. As a wildlife ecologist, I frequently rely on spatial data generated and compiled by others. GIS data for some areas are hard to come by or are not available at all. So, I was pleased to see the wealth of data already accumulated by Pakistan GIS and appreciated the speed with which my data request was addressed. Keep up the good work!

  3. This looks like a great project! Does the file's attribute table include the district and province for each tehsil polygon?

    Thanks for your response.

  4. Yes, the attribute files of Tehsil data sets do include district and province names.
    Even in case of any missing these can be generated easily using District and Provincial data sets… 🙂

    Thanks for your complements…

  5. Just one more question! Is there any chance that the file already contains 1998 census data? Thank you again.

  6. Dear,

    Don’t confuse the audients and clearly say no free of cost download available. And by the way who is creator of all these resources I think you have got all these datasets by other means from any organization.
    Be a nationalist.

  7. Not for Tehsil level data, however census is available for district level data….

    Dear McRAM, we dont need to confuse anyone. People who are getting benefit for their research and other similar works know the facts…Comments of R. Bischof are available above for your kind look.

    As far as sources are concerned, there are so many volunteers around who are contributing us, many of datasets are from secondary sources while others have been developed by the valued contributers…

  8. Thanks for this project! It's a great idea. I sent a data request for tehsil administrative boundary data. I'm not sure if you received it. Can you please confirm that you got it and if you haven't, can you provide an email address where I can email my request?

    Samia A.

  9. Hello Miss Wakeel

    I have requested the data. I have already send you the request. If you need any confirmation or proof of my volunteer work I would be happy to forward you.

    If you have any questions fell free to contact me on khawarsyed@hotmail.com

    keep up the good work



  10. Dear Khydija Wakeel and Muhammad Qadeer , AOA
    I have submitted my request form for the Tehsil level shape files. Could you please send me the requested data?
    Many thanks

  11. Dear Khadija…..this is Sidra hassan from the Urban Unit……as you know the Chiniot has now become the district so new Tehsil boundaries are now added to this District.Moreover, according to authentic resource The Punjab has now 137 Tehsils rather than 119.Kindly update your data for the further proceedings.
    Sidra Hassan
    Research Analyst GIS
    The Urban Unit

  12. As a livelihood analysis, I would like to use the level 3 shape files to define areas of similar livelihood patterns as it provides a good level of disaggregation

  13. tehseels of balochistan shown hewe are incorrect. forexample in district washuk, there are three tehseels, Besima, washuk and mashkeel but here only Kharan, washuk and besima have shown

  14. Dear Atta ur Rehman,

    Thank you so much for mentioning. Your comments will be considered for updating the data before any dissemination.

    Best Regards

  15. i have also submitted request for the shape files of districts, tehsils and union councils of punjab province which are compatabile in arcGIS.
    please send it to me on my email address: mohibkhn36@gmail.com.
    i have to complete a project for which i need it.

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